BALTIMORE 30 - HOUSTON 9 (2-1) : This game surprised me. With the number of injuries the team sustained, and facing a team that is seen as a competitor in the AFC, I would not have been shocked if this was a loss. But the team came out and played all phases of the game for the win. While the Offense struggled to get on its feet, the Defense dominated the Texans and the Special Teams gave the team a score. The Offense did manage to show up eventually; even though there was nothing overwhelming.
 1. Daryl Smith: I really like this guy. He looks like a very smart guy, who studies film and makes plays. The Pick-6 was great and he was all over the place. He wraps up players in tackles and seems to be a great FA find.
 2. Torrey Smith: I was concerned that Torrey was being used for the short passes (that the TE's should be filling). Instead it looks like Caldwell is mixing him into the short and the long passes - making him a complete WR. He is a danger to defenses when he can use the short pass to pick up YAC. Of course, he and Flacco are on the same page and that is a big plus.
 3. Tandon Doss: This is a guy that I have waited for since he was drafted. He has had trouble moving up the chain and establishing himself as an NFL player. In this game, he stepped up to take a TD on a punt return with some nifty running. Hopefully this is the confidence-builder that rolls into the play on Offense. 
 4. Dallas Clark: He does not have much in the YAC-department but he did find the holes and came up with the third down plays. It took some time, but it looks like he is getting into the mix and drawing Flacco's attention.
 5. James Ihedigbo: Here is another good defensive player. He is making the secondary a good part of the defense, without the penalties that Pollard brought to the table. He delivers some solid hits; including a strike on Schaub on a blitz.
 6. Bernard Pierce: He came in to cover Rice's spot and made efforts in a lackluster run game. I am always concerned about injuries for him, but he held up and had to come back in after Draughn was hurt late in the game.
 7. Defense: I thought that the Offense would have to carry the team until the defense could gel with all the new faces. Right now it is the reverse. They held the Texans to three FG's and is starting to become very good. Once the guys heal up from injuries, this side of the ball could be scary.
 8. Offensive Line: Something has to be done about this unit. Right now it is a mess. McKinnie got penalties to kill the offense, and sat while Oher went to the LT and Wagner as an Eligible Receiver - probably as a message to get your head out of your Steelers. There are no holes for RB's. These guys cannot be this bad, so it has to be the blocking schemes. Quit using the finesse stuff. Go right at the DL and blow people off the ball. 
 9. Penalties: Both teams were hit with penalties that extended drives or buried them. Twelve men in the defensive/ST huddle - for both teams? Flacco drawing the Texans to Neutral Zone Infraction/Offsides to sustain drives. This is an area that needs to be fixed for the Ravens.

 The Ray Lewis celebration was emotional and the fans were involved. It was fitting that the team came out and played the type of game that reminded everyone of "Playing Like A Raven" - Defense, Special Teams and a Pedestrian Offense. 

 On the Road for two games now. But still feeling good about a surprising win. Time to build off all of this one - and hope for some injuries to heal.

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