BALTIMORE 38 DENVER 35 (2 OT)/DIVISIONAL ROUND: I have been a Ravens Fan since the beginning and have had my share of jubilation from watching them play. Today's game has taken its place in the history of great ones. The excitement level was off the charts, the intensity of the effort on the field was high and the breaks came their way. Unbelievable, amazing, spectacular, epic - find a word to describe it if you can. I will savor this feeling as long as I can, especially since the National Media had the AFCCG teams already selected. Maybe they can schedule a ping-pong game between Brady and Manning soon.
 There is so much to talk about in this hard-fought game:
 1. Joe Flacco gave it his best effort. Several of his passes were right on the mark, and he did not have his mistakes cost him - thanks in part to the Broncos. He lead the team and was not overwhelmed by the shoot-out.
 2. Torrey Smith took a bomb in stride, made a spectacular catch down the sideline and got separation even though Joe overthrew him. He played Bailey like a drum.
 3. Anquan Boldin played like a tiger again. He forced his will in the game and made plays happen.
 4. Jacoby Jones had me concerned that the Texans-version would show up in this important game. His bobble on the kick-off and the drop later in the game made me ill. But when it mattered and when it was needed, he got behind the defense and watched the ball into his hands. He made the play to send the game into OT.
 5. Corey Graham stepped up and made the plays to turn the game. His Pick-6 showed that Manning had cracks in his armor, and his coverage of Stockley in the OT let him be in the right place at the right time.
 6. The Defense showed up, even though the Broncos drove the ball and controlled the clock. They gave up 21 points to the best team in the AFC. Although they had holes from time to time, both in the run and the pass, they did enough to keep the game close.
 7. Ray Rice put in his effort, despite that fact that the Broncos closed off holes a lot. After Pierce went out, he had to grind it out to control the ball. With the pressure he had from the fumbles last week, he came through.
 8. The OL gave Joe time and opened some holes for the running game. They have controlled the LOS for two games now; and proves that the battles are won in the trenches.
 9. Ray Lewis has come out and showed how he is the Lion King of this team. He shows his age but he still gives 110 % in the game. It is amazing that there is a player like him; and one that I have been able to watch as a fan of the Ravens.
and of course, last but not least,
 10. Justin Tucker. An UDFA Rookie Kicker decides the game after a massive struggle through five quarters. He came through when the rest of the team counted on him - with the help of the long-snapper and the holder.
This was a great game and I am thrilled beyond description. We are blessed to be Fans of a hard-nosed team that does not pay attention to the brain-dead National Experts.
And for all of those Broncos fans who figured they would save their money for the AFCCG, they will have to get plane tickets and change the team they root for.
Thank you, Ravens. The season is not yet over.

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