BALTIMORE RAVENS 26 - MIAMI DOLPHINS 23 (3-2): Getting to bed at 2:30 AM after the trip to Florida makes for a LOOONNNNGGG Monday. But it was a fulfilling return with a win under the belt. The Ravens made it happen - even if it was not at a prime performance.
 1. Dickson and Doss suddenly appeared on the scene. Dickson's first catch was an excellent play and he made things happen (like he was supposed to before). Doss ran some good routes and made the plays at the right times. I am not sure if Flacco's passes to him that missed were due to the pressure he faced or to the lack of rhythm with him. I hope that this is the break-out game for both of them, since Flacco needs the receivers.
 2. The Defense is still making progress, although there are still some holes. The big plays were ones that can be fixed, so I am confident that they can make it happen. Suggs is a beast.
 3. Flacco is taking some serious hits. The O-Line has to fix this or we will be dealing with Taylor. There was a major problem with the injury to KO and Shipley having to fill in next to "I'll collect a Check and do Nothing" McKinnie. Get Monroe up to speed so we can sit this waste of a roster space. There were some good plays in the running game, but this still needs to be fixed for this team to be ready for the playoffs.
 4. Tucker came through, as normal. He hit the kick-offs and FG's with a strong leg. Koch is starting to lose some of his usefulness though. Something is not right.
 5. The Ravens Organization clearly gives Ravens' fans some recognition. Harbaugh's comments and the fact that some players came out and slapped hands with part of the crowd was a classy move. And the fans represent well on the road. As an aside, that was the hottest game I have attended so I cannot imagine how the players can put out an effort on the field. I did see Bynes at BWI with his family when we got back so they went through a long day with a hard-fought contest.

 It was a very tough game and they slipped out of town with a necessary win. They have to fix the roster, especially as it relates to the O-Line. And they will have a tough opponent on Sunday in the Green Bay Packers. Rest up, fix some things based on the last two weeks and get ready to head to the break with some momentum.

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