BARGAIN BIN: One of the interesting elements of Training Camp is the search for the guys who put all of their effort on the table to try to make a team. It can be those who have kicked around the league for a while; always being the 46th to 53rd player. But there are also the Undrafted Free Agents; those who were not good enough to warrant a draft spot but who have been scouted enough to get a shot and who can pick where they feel they have a shot.

 The Ravens focus on these players as part of their scouting system. Looking at some that they have brought onto the roster - Bart Scott, Priest Holmes, Mike Flynn, Justin Tucker, Will Demps, Marques Douglas, Jameel McClain, Dannell Ellerbe, Deonte Thompson. There are several others, but the idea is that these are the players that you can study during the Pre-Season. Matt Furstenburg (TE - MD.), Rogers Gaines (OT), Gerrard Shepard (WR - Towson), and Moe Lee (CB) are some of those that you can watch this year. They will have to show that they can help on Special Teams, but they may be headed to the Practice Squad only because of the limited openings on this roster. Still, it is an interesting way to spend the pre-season.

 Thought for the day - 43 Days to Denver.

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