CHAMPIONSHIP FRIDAY: The Baltimore Ravens are the World Champions. We can say that until the next one is crowned. The celebration will soon die out as the off-season discussions start to take shape. There will indeed be a lot to talk about, but I prefer to savor the Super Bowl win for a little longer. Like Chykie Brown making a snow angel in the confetti, I want to bathe in the victory.
 1. Having older coaches seems to help keep some consistency. Pagano was a young up-and-comer and we lost him after one year as a DC. This year, having Caldwell and Pees helped us maintain the same focus on schemes and personnel.
 2. There are some former players that I feel bad for in light of the Super Bowl victory. They played hard and were popular, but because of circumstances moved on. Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Jarrett Johnson and Corey Redding are ones that I wish could have been here for the Ring. As for Ben Grubbs, he got his money and his return to his home team. How was that season for you, Ben?
 3. The season is now over. No more football. The finality is here. I do not want it to be over, but at least we got to go as far as the season allows. And the idea that the 2013 season will be the first in Ravens' history without # 52 is also an empty feeling.
Pitchers and catchers report when?

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