FIVE PICKS: When you see that stat you automatically think it is on the QB. Although I have not watched the TV version of the game I did see the highlights on the interceptions. Flacco did make some questionable throws, but there are a lot more issues.

1. Two of them came off the receivers' hands. Flacco does have a tendency to throw it high and let receivers go up and get them; but not everybody can do that. Dickson and Clark had the ball hit their hands and bounce in the air. As an aside, there was a roll-out under pressure where he threw the ball over Clark's head. After the play, he was motioning for Clark to have run down the line farther. They are not on the same page.
2. When I was at the stadium, it looked like a receiver did not stop on the throw over the middle. In fact, it was a crossing pattern with Doss and Brown. Flacco was sending the ball to Brown, when the defender was planted right in the middle. Instead of going in front of the defender (or through him), Brown went behind him. He put the defender between him and the ball. Flacco should have seen the defender, but how much was he expecting Brown to blow into him instead of giving him the area?
3. I was in the corner of the end zone and saw the fade route. Torrey stumbled (not sure if it was illegal contact), lost his balance and was going to the back of the EZ as the ball was lofted in the air. If he is planted, he either jumps up to snatch it out of the air or becomes a defender. IMHO Flacco expected those results. The throw was not one that would have gone out of bounds if not caught.
4. The one that is clearly on the QB was the throw into double coverage on Doss. Flacco admitted that he did not see the CB on that play. It was obviously a bad throw.

The other problem is related to the O-Line (key up the sounds of beating a dead horse). If it cannot block for the run, then the play-action is not effective. If the pass rush up the middle collapses the pocket, then Flacco cannot step up. If people do not get the assignments or if the calls are not right, then defenders get into the backfield. This is the one area that needs to be fixed - LIKE NOW !!

The one point to keep in mind about Sunday is that Stokley was inactive, and during the game Thompson and Brown went out. That is not an excuse; just an observation. With the run game nonexistent, a thin receiving corps is highlighted. A milk-toast TE only becomes more of a problem.

They have a lot of work to try and get things in order. They face Miami on Sunday and then come home to the Packers. Hold onto your seats.

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