FRONT OFFICE TIME: This is the time of the year where the FO has to pick up the pace. The salary cap experts have to juggle the numbers of the contracts, and project how money can be shifted from the present and the future to keep a competitive team on the field. The scouting department has to focus on the draft prospects and potential FA's, while the coaches have to grade the personnel that they have in order to take a look at the depth and the talent. Of course, all of these guys have to compare notes so they can make the decisions to keep a winning team. To try to imagine what all of them go through at this time of year is mind-boggling.

As fans, some of us try to study college players and FA's to think about putting together a roster. Others try to study the contracts and guess at the signings/restructurings to help the team. For me, I realize that I do not have enough inside information to offer any real opinions. I trust that Ozzie and the rest of the FO know their jobs and will do what they can do as part of the Big Picture. They will do what they feel is the right thing; and will do it with all of the information available to them. It will still be a "best guess-timate", but clearly a better one that I could offer.  That does not mean that there are things I want to see happen. I want Boldin to get a 2- or 3-year contract to restructure his cap number. He is a beast and Joe feels that he can put the ball near him to make a play. I want Jones' contract to be extended. He is a playmaker and is young enough to stretch out his cap number. I want to keep Leach, but I have a feeling he is gone. The offense will probably shift to a different model; one that will not need a FB. I want Ellerbe to be signed; I think he is good enough to keep and can fill the LB void. I think that Pitta will be a target to stay but I do not think that Dickson will get the same attention. Williams and Kruger are probably priced out of the Ravens' range. I think Reed is going to shop himself and sign elsewhere because he will feel disrespected when the Ravens do not dump money in his pocket. Of course, the timing of Joe's contract will influence what offers can be made to others.  The Roster will have some changes. The coaches have their view about the youngsters and the FO has the Cap restraints to put into the mix. A new team will take the field in September, but it will still be the Ravens.

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