GAME DAY AGAINST THE BILLS: Reporting from Buffalo this morning. A crisp September morning; one built for football.

 The Ravens will have to come out and set the tone for the game. They have been slow to get their motor running ("...head out on the highway..") on offense, but that lets teams like the Bills hang around for an undeserved win. The Defense has to come out and put the Rookie QB on a merry-go-round; knocking him to the ground and make it like he is in the median strip of a highway. If the Offense can seize the momentum early, then they can dictate the tempo for the rest of the game. Mic up the run and pass.

 I still hope that Rice sits this one out. If he is activated, I would still have Pierce as the primary back. Mix in Juszczyk and have Leach pound the defense. Look to go deep from time to time to leave open the running lanes. Grab the Bills by the horns and command the game.