JONATHAN OGDEN - HALL OF FAMER: The first draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today. Although there are three others (Shannon Sharpe, Rod Woodson, and Deion Sanders) that have worn the purple-and-black in the Hall, this is the first true Raven to be selected. There will be Ravens' Fans who travel there to show support.

 Ogden was a great athlete and gave his all in every game. He was passionate about winning and sometimes showed it during the down times for the offense. He could dominate the left side and was nimble on his feet for a big man.

 From UCLA, he was the fourth player taken in the 1996 NFL Draft; the first one for the new Baltimore Ravens. He started as a Left Guard, simply as a Roster allowance for a good left tackle under contract at the time. Of course, the writing was on the wall and the next year he slipped to the outside. Number 75 played in the same city from 1996 to 2007; and has a Super Bowl XXXV Ring. 

 I remember watching Jonathan make his mark as a Pro Bowler and as a dominating Left Tackle. I also remember Eric Zeier tripping over his foot on a QB Sneak to try to win a game in Baltimore. And I also remember the Sunday Night Game in Indy where Dwight Freeney played him like a drum; in the only game I can remember that he did not look like JO. Otherwise, he was the best at his position that I ever had the privilege to follow for his career.

 Thank you, JO. Thanks for the effort; thanks for the display of pure talent; and thanks for the pleasure you gave of watching you do your job. 

 The Hall of Fame will now have a Baltimore Raven.

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