MIDWEEK MEANDERINGS: I have not had a chance to view the recordings of the last two games, but I have seen some clips of various plays. As of now, here are some thoughts from being at the games and how the season has developed through five games:
 1. The trade for Monroe is a help, but whatever is the problem for the O-Line needs to be fixed. Flacco was slow to get up several times in the last two games and some of the shots made me cringe. Although I understand that throwing Shipley into the LG slot was an emergency move because of KO's injury, that meant that they had Gino on one side and Buffalo Butt on the other. That is a formula for getting your QB killed. And McKinnie is such a waste. For all of those that ripped Harbaugh for how he addressed it last year, what are you saying now? This guy is a disgrace as a professional player and he cannot be dropped too far on the depth chart as far as I am concerned. As for the rest of the line, there needs to be some changes to keep Joe for the balance of the season. These guys are better than what they have shown. Fix it now.
 2. I was glad to see that the run game was the focus on Sunday. Although the numbers were not spectacular, at least there was the "grinding" formula that controlled the game and gave the Play-Action some teeth. It needs to be done this week to keep Rodgers off the field.
 3. Watching this team is stressful. They played horribly in Buffalo and yet were in position to tie or win at the end. In Miami, it felt like they dominated the second half and yet they almost let it slip away. The Ravens play right on the edge at all times. It reminds me of constantly warning my children as they grew up to stop doing something because they could get hurt. The difference here is that you cannot grab the Ravens and pull them away from the obvious. Argh !!
 3. Sam Koch is not looking like the quality Punter we have come to expect. He may be reaching the end of his shelf-life. And I loved Corey Graham last year when he became Manning's favorite receiver in the playoffs. But watching him this year, it looks like he is not as effective. With the moving pieces in the secondary, it is a major problem. With Rodgers coming into town, he will be a liability.
 4. So the NFL is talking about adding two more teams to the playoffs in 2015? It will water down the regular season and bring the NFL down to other sports. Making the playoffs will not mean as much if they let almost 50% of the league get there.
 5. It was great to be a part of the Take-Over of Sun Life Stadium in Miami. I have read several reports of the reaction in Miami and it was great to make noise for the Defense in Enemy Territory. Ravens' Fans travel well.

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