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October 4, 2013
PURPLE FRIDAY: The Ravens are still a work in progress. The line has been a glaring weakness and the receiving corps is a problem. There are quite a few injuries in the latter and a new face is joining the former. 
Facing Miami this week will be tough. Keep an eye on Ellerbe, since he will want to prove that he is worth what the Dolphins were willing to pay. He will be an issue. And Wallace will look to slice up the secondary; if he can hold onto the ball.
This will be a tough test of a morphing team. If they can pull it off it will be by stepping out of last week's sloppy performance.


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October 4, 2013
TRADE: Ozzie Newsome cherishes draft picks - oh wait !!! So he gives up a fourth and a fifth for a LT to replace McKinnie ? Did Bryant make a promise he did not keep ? Not play hard ? Not take his job seriously? Shocking !!!

So now we have to see the roster moves to free up a spot and how the cap room will be met. Monroe is 26 and in the last year of his contract. Is he the answer? When can he absorb the playbook? And will McKinnie remain a Raven for long?

What intrigue this early in the season...

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October 2, 2013
FIVE PICKS: When you see that stat you automatically think it is on the QB. Although I have not watched the TV version of the game I did see the highlights on the interceptions. Flacco did make some questionable throws, but there are a lot more issues.

1. Two of them came off the receivers' hands. Flacco does have a tendency to throw it high and let receivers go up and get them; but not everybody can do that. Dickson and Clark had the ball hit their hands and bounce in the air. As an aside, th...

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September 30, 2013
BUFFALO 23 - BALTIMORE 20: U.G.L.Y. - Harbaugh said last year that the Ravens are not perfect, and not pretty. Boy was he right about yesterday. I am a Ravens fan; a miserable one right now but a fan nonetheless. This game was so much like the horse dung in Jacksonville a few years ago. Play like garbage but still come down to the end with a chance to win and end it with a pick.

 There is not too much good about this one. In fact, I cannot remember anything good about it.
 1. The Defense looked...

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September 30, 2013
GAME DAY AGAINST THE BILLS: Reporting from Buffalo this morning. A crisp September morning; one built for football.

 The Ravens will have to come out and set the tone for the game. They have been slow to get their motor running ("...head out on the highway..") on offense, but that lets teams like the Bills hang around for an undeserved win. The Defense has to come out and put the Rookie QB on a merry-go-round; knocking him to the ground and make it like he is in the median strip of a highway. ...

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September 27, 2013
PURPLE FRIDAY: The first of two back-to-back road games now face the Ravens. Going on the road in the NFL is not easy, no matter who you face. Right now, the Offense is still trying to get some balance and some focus. There are many areas that need to get stabilized before this team can be ready to extend the season.

 This is a classic "Trap Game". A rookie QB, some new pieces in the defense, a new coach and a RB that can carry the water. The Ravens have not necessarily dominated in games like...

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September 26, 2013

WEDNESDAY INJURY REPORT: It looks like some people are still working their way back:

I would hold Rice back one more week, since I think they will need him against Miami. It would leave them thin at RB since it looks like Draughn may not be active, but I would not want to rush Rice back. It looks like Cody will not be available so it is more important that Canty make it back. Marlon B...

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September 23, 2013
BALTIMORE 30 - HOUSTON 9 (2-1) : This game surprised me. With the number of injuries the team sustained, and facing a team that is seen as a competitor in the AFC, I would not have been shocked if this was a loss. But the team came out and played all phases of the game for the win. While the Offense struggled to get on its feet, the Defense dominated the Texans and the Special Teams gave the team a score. The Offense did manage to show up eventually; even though there was nothing overwhelming...

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August 7, 2013
RENOVATIONS TO M&T BANK STADIUM: I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Press Conference for the tour of the changes to the stadium; and George of Larry Beck Company joined me. There were alterations to the concourse and to the video board in the field.

 The concourse had a Spartan look before, with the plain white pillars. They now have the Camden-Yards look with the brick around the bottom and purple lights shining upwards. The concession stands were improved and the Team Stores are lai...

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August 7, 2013
ARTIE DONOVAN, R.I.P.: A character, a lunch-pail guy, a Baltimore Colt legend.

 Thought it fitting that the first Raven to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame (Offensive Line) was done on the anniversary that the first Baltimore Colt was enshrined (Defensive Line). 

 Thanks for the memories, Artie.

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