PITTSBURGH 19 - BALTIMORE 16 (3-4) : A very disappointing game in the AFC North that puts the Ravens in a difficult position going into the Bye. Although I did not have a good feeling about a game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh with their season on the line, it was a winnable game and the team was not up to the challenge.
 The Defense was ripped by a running game that limped into the contest as one of the worst. The Steelers were able to move the ball at will, and came up with trick plays to keep the Defense on its heels. There seemed to be no way to keep the Steelers from scoring some points on each drive.
 The Offense came out slow again and did not take command of the game; although they were limited in the number of possessions. Flacco seemed off on some plays; missing on some throws that seemed to work. The Refs let the Home Team get away with at least two Pass Interference penalties. Tandon Doss still does not seem to have all of the parts to be an NFL receiver. He is good in the open but when it takes some off-the-cuff decisions he is lacking. Flacco was scrambling to the left and Doss was open at the goal-line. As Joe throws the ball, Doss just stands there; allowing the defender to get to the spot. He should have come toward the throw and close the gap. It is something that a receiver has to do to make a play. And how do you get a Delay of Game Call after a Time-Out?
 I rarely question Harbaugh on in-game calls. The Onside Kick is one of the exceptions. I understand that the Steelers could have eaten up the clock and still scored. The kick was meant to be a surprise move, but it was not done well and almost cost them their kicker. And you have an Offsides to boot? It smelled of desperation; or at the very least a vote against the Defense's ability to hold the Steelers to a 3-and-out. Oh wait...
 I felt that this was an 11-5 team. I figured we would lose the Denver, Houston, Green Bay games and split with Pittsburgh and lose either Chicago or Detroit. This team though does not look like a team that could win enough to make the playoffs; right now that would mean that they have to go 8-1 to meet my expectations and I do not see a team that can do that. They still can win the division with the right combination of wins, but it does not look like they have the personnel or the coaching to pull the fat out of the fire. More importantly, they do not seem to have the HEART that I expect from a Ravens team. 
 We now have two weeks to dissect this team and the games that have occurred. I hope that something comes together to start the run to the end of the regular season. They have two important games after the Bye (Cleveland and Cincinnati), so they have the pieces in front of them. This will be a commentary on Harbaugh as a Coach; they are very close to having the wheels come off the cart. This is where Coaches in the NFL can make a difference.

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