PURPLE FRIDAY: The first of two back-to-back road games now face the Ravens. Going on the road in the NFL is not easy, no matter who you face. Right now, the Offense is still trying to get some balance and some focus. There are many areas that need to get stabilized before this team can be ready to extend the season.

 This is a classic "Trap Game". A rookie QB, some new pieces in the defense, a new coach and a RB that can carry the water. The Ravens have not necessarily dominated in games like this, and have let teams hang around and have a chance to win. Last year's KC game was a horrible display of ineptitude on Offense and only was in the "W" column because the Chiefs were that bad. The Ravens beat up on the Steelers at home and then went to Tennessee and went flat a couple of years ago. And of course there was the epic failure in Jacksonville on a Monday Night Game. Games like this can slap them in the face; and they are still in the growth stage on too many levels to let that happen. With the improved Miami team up after this Sunday, it is more important to put the foot on the Bills' throat early and let them quit. Get a lead and let the Defense pin their ears back and slap the Rookie around; to make mistakes. The Offense needs to get the air game going and the run game in place; especially the O-Line's effectiveness.

 My schedule will put me in Buffalo this weekend and then Miami after that. I want to bring two wins home with me, so the Ravens have to win Sunday to make that happen.