ROSTER: Training Camp is about a month away, so we still have some down-time. At this point we have to dig for little points of interest to make the time go by.

 My focus in Training Camp has always been the back end of the roster; those Special Team guys, those young players who will be the "Inactives" during the season but who are one step away from filling a void due to an injury. The pre-season games give us a chance to see guys that we will not see too much during the season.

 Right now, I see 36 players that are probably solidly on the roster, which means that there are 17 spots that need to be filled. All of the guys with big cap numbers are a given, as are the FA's that were signed this year and the young ones still under Rookie Contracts. Most of the Drafted players this year will remain, unless they have any "injuries" that put them on IR. There will be certain amounts of players kept at each position, so some of that will dictate the ones who make the roster. Their talent at their position will not help a lot if they are not able to contribute on ST, though. Watch these guys in the Pre-season games to see how they can help the team.

 Guys like A. Allen, Berry and Rainey will be fighting for an RB slot while Doss, Streeter, Thompson and L. Williams will be looking to keep the Ravens from getting a veteran WR. All of them will also be trying to keep any younger guys off their back. They will have to work real hard in ST if they want to keep a job.

 And while all of these guys are working in camp, the FO is watching the rosters of other teams to see if they can pick up anybody who gets cut. The WR's have to work hard because there is no doubt that any veteran can be picked p if they do not seal the open spot.

 Remember to make the most of July and August football by keeping an eye on the guys you do not normally hear about. If there is a lot of focus on the big-name guys, it is generally not a good thing. But this year will be interesting because the Ravens will give us new names to learn.

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