SUPER BOWL EVE/ REPORTING FROM FORWARD COMMAND IN NEW ORLEANS: Flying on a Charter Plane with all Ravens Fans is a good thing. You can chant without penalty and the talk is about the Home Team.
 And Southern Hospitality is evident; and we only went out to dinner last night !! Everybody we have met so far has said they are pulling for the Ravens. And of course one of the Mardi Gras colors is purple - so there is plenty of that here.
 We are here through Prime Sport, and yesterday we learned that they had 7 flights yesterday from Baltimore and 5 more for the One-Day travel on Sunday. The Ravens are packing their fans in this city.
 The Super Bowl is the last game of the season, so it is a bittersweet event. Nobody plays again until the next season and both teams know that they have to put all that they have on the field and not save it for next week. This game will crown a Champion of the NFL, but both teams are Champions of their Conference. And having seen Ray Lewis in his first game in Memorial Stadium, I will now be watching him in his last NFL Game. And the team has the strength and the character to take the field and play to win the game.
 And today, the HOF should right a wrong that has gone on too long. Put Art in, and let the Ravens celebrate his induction tomorrow.

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