THE NEW WEEK: So the Ravens get ready to face the Steelers on Sunday in Pittsburgh, and neither team is getting any Love. Of course, based on how they have started the 2013 Season it is hard to see two powerhouses in the AFC North - or even any team in the North that "wows" you.
 I would say that listening to Sports Radio this week is tough. I do get the assurance that I am not the dumbest sports fan on the block, so there is that benefit. There are so many of the callers who (1) Play Madden and think that is the sport, (2) Play Fantasy Football and think that has everything to do with the game (3) Take an argument made by some person just as dumb (who may even be on ESPN) and find it to be gospel, or (4) don't think, but figure they know what they are talking about. And of course there are those who demand that the Coach come out and rip players, answer reporters' questions or otherwise avoid "Coach-Speak". When I sit and listen to the radio, I am hoping that there may be at least a minute of real information that I can take away. Weeks like this, I should find another station.
 By some accounts, Harbaugh is an ego-maniac, hires only his friends, controls the Offensive play-calling, does not involve himself in the play-calling enough because he IS a Special Teams Coach and does not know football , and has to have the Owner step in before the Team can be fixed. McKinnie is not the problem, Taylor would be able to come in every other play to juice it up, and Flacco should just get the reins so he can throw 50 times a game. Fire Harbaugh, fire Caldwell. Stick to the run; throw the ball more; kick a FG; go for it on fourth and goal.
 Fans - ease up on the gas pedal. Take a Chill Pill. Would you rather be in Tampa? Jacksonville? A Giants' Fan? Does five straight years to the Playoffs and a Super Bowl Win not give the team some slack? It is six games into the season and they are one game behind the leader in the Division. They have three straight AFC North games to define if they can take the division for the third straight year. Are they worse than Pittsburgh's O-Line and Defense? Is Dalton so much better than Flacco? Is Cleveland a menace with Weeden? Are there problems? Of course. But it is not the end of the season. It is not even the half-way point yet. Let's see how they face Pittsburgh this week, and we can figure out the terrain at the Bye. 
 Of course, I will not listen to Sports Talk during the Bye if they lose to the Steelers. The Stupid Hot Line will be running 24/7 during the off-week for sure.

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