TRAINING CAMP: The Ravens will be gathering this week to begin the preparations on the field for the new season. The Rookies, QB's and those recovering from injuries will roll in first, and then the rest are in by the end of the week. We will start to see the stories of those who will be lucky to make the practice squad, but get the spotlight from the media. We will also see little of the big names, since this is the time for the coaches to figure out what the back end of the roster and the depth will look like.

 I love to spend time studying things that I know will pass me by during the season. I have no problem watching the formations and the line play more in the Pre-season, just to try to learn more about the game. I will dust off Pat Kirwan's excellent book ("Take Your Eye Off the Ball") to try to study the plays and the personnel packages. And as the Pre-Season games start, I will look forward to getting back to the stadium and the feel of the crowd. I will walk the concourse and watch people from all walks of life don the Purple and Black, to rally around the same sports team - the 2012 World Champion Baltimore Ravens.

 Are the football juices flowing yet?

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