TWO MONTHS TO TRAINING CAMP: As I pace waiting for the first hurdle to football for the 2013 Season:
1. Opening Night: So the NFL did not want to move the Opening Night due a bogus religious night excuse in a small market and decide to put it in a city with the QB that the National Media slobbers about? And they could not work out a deal with MLB or get the city to sign off on two professional games in the same day because of the logistical nightmare involved? So instead, there is word that there will be a party at the Inner Harbor to celebrate the Super Bowl win and the Opening Night Game. So what kind of mess will there be with an Orioles game and Ravens' celebration, including perhaps video screens for the game, around the Inner Harbor? All of it will just be a reminder that Baltimore is not a big enough market and does not have a Big Name for National TV to open the season, even after having won the Super Bowl.

2. Joe Linta: Flacco's agent shows his bush-league status by insulting the Ravens. He is tired of the MEDIA and the FANS blaming Flacco for causing the purge of the team for cap reasons, so he says that the RAVENS made the dumbest move he has ever seen. So an organization that has been competitive for years, has won two Super Bowls since 2000 and with which he has to negotiate in the future makes the "dumbest move"? Has he heard of the Browns? Raiders? Chargers? At least Flacco knows how to open his mouth. Generally it is the agent telling the player to button it up. Linta needs to just keep his opinions to himself.’t-Feel-Same-Way-As-Agent-Joe-Linta/7d54c479-e296-49a1-a949-dc830891d8d9
3. Draft Day in May: So the NFL moves the draft to May (sweeps month in TV, BTW). We now will have extended Mock Drafts, more stories about college players and countless Talking Heads who are not NFL GM's (or GM's that do not have jobs). Wonderful.
4. Flacco's Contract: I am not sure what sets me off more; callers to Sports Talk who refer to Flacco's contract as $ 120 Million and that kept the Ravens from keeping some players or hurt the cap, or the Hosts of the shows that fail to correct that false impression. Anybody who knows the contract knows that it is a three-year contract that is cap-friendly and will be re-negotiated to adjust the cap impact down the road. Of course, sports is merely a reflection of society as a whole. Since most people feel the need to come to conclusions based on something heard in 30 seconds without ever challenging it, reality is not a factor in conversations.

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