VETERAN WR: A big story this off-season is the trade of Anquan Boldin, with the loss of his veteran leadership. I was a big fan of "Q", a WR in a LB-body. His tenacity and on-the-field smarts made him an important piece in the game, and his performance in the playoffs in 2012 was a big part of the Trophy.

 His loss may seem to be a big piece to fill. I am comfortable though that the team has a plan to cover his absence; and I am not sure it is through those who will get to Training Camp in a few weeks. The team will probably take a look at what they have on the roster and to what extent they can create opportunities in the passing game. They will be looking for a receiver who can get possession in tight spots, fight for the ball and if it is too tight, keep it from being picked off. Pitta is that type of player and Torrey has the instinct to make moves to snare the ball. The veteran-mentality will still need to be present in game situations.

 Historically, Ozzie has waited to go Bargain-hunting after the competition in TC has given the coaches some idea of what the players bring to the table. There have been players like Kevin Johnson, Derrick Mason, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lee Evans, Kelley Washington, Donte Stallworth and Marcus Robinson. I am sure that as the Regular Season approaches, some veteran WR will be available either by trade or off the Open Market that can give the team that little piece to finalize the passing game. A scrappy, possession receiver who knows how to get a crucial third down 

 Has anybody seen if Brandon Stokley has signed anywhere yet?

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