Ravens Roost 115

Meeting Minutes, January 23, 2013

 Meeting Minutes

The January meeting of Ravens Roost 115 was held on Wednesday January 23, 2013, at the VFW.  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30pm by President, Scott Albright. George led the Roost in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a “Go Ravens”.   A roll call of Officers and Board Members was conducted. Present were Officers:  President-Scott Albright, Recording Secretary-Judi Carter, Corresponding Secretary – Tammy Brooks, Treasure- Kim Harris, Sergeant at Arms- George Colburn.  Board of Directors present were Bobbi Koppenhaver, Dawn Geigan, Lori Blake, Steve Timchula. and Mike McGinnis

 President’s Report:

Notes from the January Council meeting:  Plunge is this weekend, we are currently #5 in donations, Justin Tucker named Unsung Hero by Roosts, Charlotte was named fan of the week by the Baltimore Sun for the week of 1/11/13, Scott was asked to join the Charity Committee and accepted.  Roosts had to give an overview of their donations for 2012, we donated $6269 not including donations to the plunge and others.   New Roosts:  129 Greene Turtle in Pasadena, and Lake Shore.   The Convention theme is “Fly Like A Raven”.  Roost 117 is having a dance, April 6, we have bought 10 tickets at $25 each for anyone who would like to go. 

 Treasurer’s Report:

Kim gave a Treasurer’s report.  We currently have $9848 in the bank.  List of donations was handed out.  Recipients include: Pancreatic and Breast Cancer, American Cancer Society, VFW, MDA, Red Cross, Adopt a Family, Food Sunday, Live Laugh Hope, etc.


Bobbi reported that we have 97 current and paid members, and we are growing.  There were 4 new members present: Tom & Terry Shaw, Carolyn Ross, and Steve Tipton, welcome to the Roost.  We have 44 people who will be deleted from the roster, unless they come to their senses and decide to rejoin.    

Entertainment/Events – 

To find out what is going on click on the Calendar on the Roost website, for fliers regarding events go to Events.

Council Bull Roast on February 16, tickets are $46.  We have 1 ticket remaining, but may be able to get more.  We will be taking a bus down to the LeFontain Bleu.  Wagon of Cheer  tickets are available for $1.  You can count on awesome food, a great band and a great time, plus you don’t have to drive down or back.

Polar Bear Plunge We have 9 plungers.  The bus leaves at 8am from the Denny’s parking lot.  Please park at the bottom of lot not to disturb shoppers.  Bring food, drink and chairs.  Currently we are in 5th place on the Roost donation list.  We are hoping to make this one bigger and better.

Convention is May 30 – June 3. Theme “Fly Like A Raven”.  Register your rooms now, don’t forget to say you are with Roost 50.  We need 3-4 people to be on the committee to plan the float and events. 

Golf Tournament is June 14.  We need 2-3 people to head a committee for this event, and lots of teams.  It’s not too early to start thinking about silent auction goody bag items. This is our biggest fund raiser.

Super Bowl Sunday.  Some people are getting together at Rafaels. 

Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes April 13, we will discuss if we are participating again this year at the February meeting.  If we do we will need 2 people to head this up, and people to walk.  The cause is the Rape Crisis Center.

Crab Feast August 10, we will need 2-3 people for a committee.  Last’s year’s was sold out.  This is also one of our big fundraisers.

Roost 117 Dance April 6, 2013.  Tickets are available at $25 each.  This roost has supported our Golf and crab feast events.  Let’s show some support.

Footsteps for Hope April 20.  This is a 2k walk for the PMJ Foundation and Live Laugh Hope (Lexi Ross, whose mother is a new member).  We are looking for a team to walk.

New Business:

Board of Directors will have a meeting at George & Kathy’s, date to be determined.

We are looking for a fundraiser for March or April.  May do a NCAA pool again. 

The Oriole game is back.  It was decided on 2 games this year 1 in the spring and 1 in the fall.  Great time and again bus to and from the event. 

Motion made to change meeting time to 6:00 and passed.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be held on February 27th, 2013, 6:00 p.m., at Rafaels  (NEW TIME).

 Respectfully Submitted by Judi Carter, Secretary, Ravens Roost #115 .

Check us out at www.ravensroost115.com (now you can get a mobile version) and on Facebook.