Ravens Roost 115

Meeting Minutes, November 28, 2012

 Meeting Minutes

The November meeting of Ravens Roost 115 was held on Wednesday November 28, 2012, at Maggie’s.  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30pm by President, Scott Albright. George led the Roost in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a “Go Ravens”.   A roll call of Officers and Board Members was conducted. Present were Officers:  President, Scott Albright, Vice President Steve Rutzebeck, Recording Secretary Judi Carter, Corresponding Secretary – Tammy Brooks, Treasurer, Kim Harris, Sergeant at Arms, George Colburn.  Board of Directors present were Bobbi Koppenhaver, Dawn Geigan, Lori Blake, and Steve Timchula. Missing Mike McGinnis

 President’s Report:

Notes from the November Council meeting:  12 foundations that the Council donates to were represented including Brigance’s Brigade, Maryland Special Olympics, David Modell  and the Ray Lewis Foundation.   Over $30,000 was donated.  New Roosts:  127 Cumberland, 128 Reva Island, Passadena.  The Council had a blood drive at Reese Fire hall, as the home Roost we had about 6 members there to help out. 

 Treasurer’s Report:

Kim gave a Treasurer’s report.  We currently have $10,892 in the bank.  Recent donations include $500 to the Red Cross for hurricane Sandy, $100 MDA, $100 to sponsor Dawn for a breast cancer event, $100 to sponsor Kim for a pancreatic event.


Bobbi reported that about 60% of the Roost have renewed their membership.  There will be 1 more request letter sent out, then a letter letting them know that they will be taken off the membership roster.  There was discussion on whether to continue with membership cards.  Bobbi will confirm if the 10% off at Raphael’s during meetings and NFL games is still valid.  It was decided to continue with the cards.  New member Ted was introduced.

Guests – 

The Purple Dame introduced Lexi Ross, who heads up the Live, Hope Laugh Foundation whose mission is to help children and teens with chronic illness.  Lexi was diagnosed in 10/08 with Diabetes and has been working to help raise money for that disease as well as others.  She also sold Ravens barretts.  Motion to donated $200 passed.

Entertainment/Events – 

To find out what is going on click on the Calendar on the Roost website, for fliers regarding events go to Events.

Matt Stover night at the Babe Ruth Museum is December 4 from 5:30-8.  Tickets are $55 and the Roost will pay ½ making the price of  a ticket $27.50.  If we get enough people we will also take a bus.  Response needed by Friday. 

Tailgate party at Rafael’s on December 9th at 12:30 to watch the Ravens/Skins game.  We are requesting people to bring a canned or boxed good to be donated to Food Sunday.  Since Rafael supports the roost it was suggested that we meet there for all away games and make it charity related. 

Purple Friday is December 14 from 5-7pm at the Giant in Westminster.  Poe, 98 Rock, and some Cheerleaders will be there.  Since we are the home Roost it was requested that we have has many people there to help build up the energy.  So get out your Roost and Ravens gear.  You can reply to the Evite or show up. 

The Holiday Party is December 15 from 2-4 at O’Lourdan’s.  Food will be served with a cash bar.  The charity for this event is Toys-for-Tots, please bring a toy.  This is a family friendly event.  Santa Claus, in a purple suite that was voted on to purchase, will be there so if you are bringing a child, please bring a small toy wrapped with their name for Santa to give them. 

The Roost is adopting 2 families.  a 25 year old single dad with a 3 year old and a 49 year old single dad with a 14 year old girl and 15 year old boy.  Bobbi will be doing the shopping.  Motion made for the budget to be $150 for family with 3 year old and $350 for the family with the teens for a total of $500.  Bobbi also mentioned that if you have used clothing or household goods to donate them to 2nd chances on Green Street.  Things there are free to help people getting started again. 

The Polar Bear Plunge date has been set for January 26, our team page is ready for those who want to plunge.  We will be providng a bus (maybe a coach) for all plungers and anyone who would like to come cheer the plungers on.  Please sign up to plunge or to support one of our team.  http://plunge.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1017636&lis=1&kntae1017636=23EFCBF3DDEB42D69250798517ADC555&team=5174881

The Council Holiday Party will be held on 12/21 from 5-7pm at the Knights of Columbus in Catonsville.

There was a Brian Billick charity event at Buffalo Wild Wings, to benefit a girls soccer team.  A number of members were there and the Roost made some donations.

The Parade of Lights in Westminster is on 11/24 was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Heather and Kathy for the planning of the float and to all who helped build and walk in the parade.  Dawn said her dentist said we had a great float.  Scott’s polar bear tail was awesome.

New Business:

A  tee-shirt with a small logo on the front and a large logo on back was displayed.  The 2 logos cost $15 plus the cost of the shirt.

Membership for the Chamber of Commerce is up for renewal at the cost of $330.  Motion made to continue membership and passed.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be held on January 23rd, 2013, 6:30 p.m., at TBD (VFW?).

 Respectfully Submitted by Judi Carter, Secretary, Ravens Roost #115 .

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