Ravens Roost 115 Westminster, MD


About Us

Unofficially, our mission is to enjoy the Baltimore Ravens.

Raven's Roosts are non-profit organizations, bringing people together in our local communities. 

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Officers and Board of Directors

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■ Scott Albright- President

■ Steve Rutzebeck- Vice President

■ Gerry Moyers - Recording Secretary 

Tammy Brooks - Corresponding Secretary 

 Steve Cavanaugh - Treasurer

George Colburn- Sergeant at Arms 

Board of Directors

■ Dawn Geigan

■ Kathy Sanner 

■ Lori Blake

 Mike McGinnis

■ Steve Timchula



 Committee Members

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Sherry Rutzebeck - Chairperson

■ Kathy Sanner

Entertainment Committee

■  Mike McGinnis